Stitch for RMG- Global Innovation Conference

stitch for rmg

Global Innovation Challenge

Tailoring the innovations of tomorrow

Deadline: 25 November, 2021

About the challenge

The challenge welcomes any team around the world with an idea, ready prototype, pre-commercial, or post-commercial innovations contextual to the Bangladeshi RMG industry and its women workers. 6 winning ideas will be chosen to receive incubation support and up to $30,000 from a total grant of  $180,000.



Pilot Grant up to $30,000





market linkage

Market Linkage


Automation and Efficiency

How can we improve industry efficiency as well as assist the women garment workers protecting their career through business automation?

Business innovations which aim to improve the existing methods/process of production by making it faster/cost-efficient through introducing a new and attainable technology, while being easy to adopt for women workers, fall under this theme.

Sustainability & Circular Fashion

How can we move towards a greener circular ecosystem where both the RMG industry and women garment workers can thrive?

Business ideas reducing the use of materials and energy in manufacturing products and services and recover as much of the end products as possible through reuse, repurpose and recycling are welcome under this category.

Product Design, Diversification & Raw Material

How can we diversify the products that the industry manufactures, while improving gender equality in the factories?

These innovations will be particularly focused on the ability of the industry to produce a varied range of products by avoiding overspecialization and developing new technology and raw materials that will help to diversify the end products.

Skill Development & Women’s Careers

How can we create a conductive ecosystem for upskilling, re-skilling, and training support for women RMG workers to help them progress in their careers?

This category of the challenge will call for business innovations that seek to provide upskilling, re-skilling, and training support to women RMG workers to help them excel in their jobs in this sector and progress in their careers.

Enabling Environment

How can we assist women workers to combat the gender gap at workplace by providing a decent working environment and supportive mechanisms at work and beyond?

Ideas under this category will need to have a clear aim that is connected to developing a supporting mechanism for women RMG workers by helping them face gender-based barriers both at work and outside work.


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