Stitch for RMG- Global Innovation Conference

stitch for rmg

Global Innovation Conference

22 June 2021 - 24 June 2021

The conference, titled STITCH for RMG (Safeguarding Through Innovation and Technology Challenge), will offer a space for all the industry stakeholders to share perspectives towards a shared vision and objectives for innovating together. It will work as a guiding anchor which the stakeholders will pledge to collectively work towards achieving a common goal.

Who is attending

"We need to come together and make sure that supply chains become much more resilient than today, and that can only be done through collaborations. I do think that technology can absolutely be an enabler to build resilient supply chains and I can’t stress enough how important it is to empower female workers."

Helena Helmersson
H&M Group

"Women have played a big role in powering Bangladesh’s consistent
economic growth. RMG's rise can be singularly attributed to the participation of women in its workforce. As the sector is going through a shift, we can't leave the women behind. Through this project, we hope to mainstream innovations that can reskill them and also scale up innovations that can make the industry ready for a future which is technology driven and more equal."

Asif Saleh
Executive Director

"The introduction of disruptive technology in RMG factories will profoundly change workers' lives and livelihood unless we act now to help them adapt."

K A M Morshed
Senior Director, Advocacy for Social Change; Migration; Partnership Strengthening Unit;
Social Innovation Lab; Technology

"In this new era of Industry 4.0, employers need to invest in management systems and worker well being. A blend of management systems, automation, worker well being and skilled workforce will ensure the long term sustainability of the RMG sector."

SK Jenefa K Jabbar (Moderator)
Director HRLS, Social Compliance and Safeguarding

"Product diversification, innovation, use of technology should focus on “non-disruptive creation”. We should get it out of our thinking “innovation is disruptive”

Prof. Mohammad A. Momen
IBA, University of Dhaka

"I believe that both automation and lean management are not only necessary but are a must in running a factory smoothly. That being said, are we as a country and our workforce ready for it? That’s my main concern.”

Zarin Rashid
TRZ Group

"At the H&M Foundation we want to act as a catalyst for change and help create unexpected collaborations. We believe that change is best achieved when a diverse group of people join forces and commit to a joint agenda to solve complex challenges. We therefore hope the STITCH for RMG Global Innovation Conference will help catalyse innovations and solutions that ultimately help safeguard the livelihoods of Bangladeshi women garments workers while also strengthening the Bangladeshi RMG sector’s competitiveness.”

Diana Amini
Global Manager
H&M Foundation

"While we all know that the garment industry plays a significant role for women to get a first formal employment and a regular income, it’s equally important that female garment workers are empowered at work and in their daily life. When women enjoy equal rights, have a healthy and safe working environment as well as the skills to drive change at the factory floor – which is of particular importance in times of digitalization and automation – the whole industry will benefit"

Payal Jain
Head of Sustainability - Global Production
H&M Group

"Women are the heart of Economy and without the Readymade Women Garment worker , Bangladesh will not be as it is today. Women empowerment, economic empowerment and social recognition is being established by Women Garment workers in Bangladesh and "Made In Bangladesh" by women workers."

Nazma Akter
Awaj Foundation

"Workers wellbeing is core to a sustainable fashion industry. We need to be innovative, open, embrace all and leave no one behind to ensure a future proof fashion industry. "

Saif Rashid
Founder and Managing Director
Apon Wellbeing

"While the world is shifting from linear to circular economy, Bangladesh has a hidden gold-mine. All the cotton waste from it's garment production can be recycled back to high-end fashion with an enormous benefit for the country to reduce the cost of buying new virgin cotton. I'm glad to witness that this is already starting to happen."

Ann Runnel
Reverse Resources

"Tech packed with engaging educational content, measurable results and data driven insights is the engine for mind changing dialogue and practices to prosper. Empowering companies and their employees with knowledge and skills enables not only individuals, but also the whole RMG sector to improve relations and workplace conditions, to prosper."

Sofie Nordström
Co-Founder and Deputy CEO

"There’s no disputing that automation is going to change the RMG industry. A digital-first strategy accelerated by an increasingly tech enabled workforce is the way to adapt for the future."

Rameez Hoque
Kinship AI

"Allow garments workers the garment of education and see the magic they bring into this world"

Sabina Yeasmin
Garment worker (on study leave)
Bachelor's student
Asian University of Women
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Who is attending


Day 01

22 June 2021

17:30 - 17:55 BST STITCH for RMG: Mapping the path to the future
18:00 - 18:25 BST Keynote: What is next for Bangladeshi garments industry?
18:30 - 19:30 BST Rethinking the future: Preparing the industry and the women workers for industry 4.0
19:45 - 20:05 BST Speed Networking
20:15 - 21:15 BST Addressing the 'Efficiency Problem': Can automation and lean go hand in hand?
21:15 - 21:30 BST Closing

Day 02

23 June 2021

17:30 - 17:40 BST Opening remarks
17:45 - 18:45 BST Rethinking product diversification: Can value added products benefit the women workers?
19:00 - 19:45 BST Shattering the glass ceiling for the women garment workers
19:45 - 20:00 BST A journey to become a leader: The story of Sabina
20:00 - 20:20 BST Speed networking
20:35 - 21:20 BST Industry 4.0: Skilling the women garment workers
21:25 - 21:45 BST Round-table: Skilling the women garment workers
21:45 - 22:00 BST Closing remarks

Day 03

24 June 2021

17:30 - 17:40 BST Opening remarks
17:45 - 18:25 BST Inviting the new: How circularity, innovation and technology are reshaping the industry
18:30 - 18:45 BST Future of Fashion: The H&M Way
19:00 - 19:40 BST Innovation in RMG industry: A quick glance at the local & global innovation space
19:40 - 20:00 BST LIVE glimpse on innovations
20:00 - 20:50 BST Group and Speed Networking
21:00 - 21:45 BST What global trends and technology can include women in the industry 4.0 transition?
21:45 - 22:00 BST STITCH for RMG: To the future and beyond


Helena Helmersson
Helena Helmersson

CEO, H&M Group

Asif Saleh

Executive Director, BRAC

Faruque Hassan

President, BGMEA

Dr Fahmida Khatun
Dr. Fahmida Khatun

Executive Director, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)

Hasan Mahmud

Executive Director, Bitopi

KAM Morshed
K A M Morshed

Senior Director, Advocacy for Social Change; Migration; Partnership Strengthening Unit; Social Innovation Lab; Technology, BRAC

Anir Chowdhury
Anir Chowdhury

Policy Advisor, a2i

Dr Khondaker Golam Moazzem

Research Director, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)

SK Jenefa K Jabbar (Moderator)

Director HRLS, Social Compliance and Safeguarding, BRAC

Moutushi Kabir (Moderator)

Director, Communications, Learning and Leadership Development, BRAC

Prof. Mohammad A. Momen

Professor, IBA, University of Dhaka

Profile Pic_M
Mohammad Zahidullah

Chief Sustainability Officer, DBL Group, Bangladesh

Fazlul Haque
Fazlul Haque

Managing Director, Plummy Fashions

Zarin Rashid
Zarin Rashid

Director, TRZ

Venkat Kotamaraju (Moderator)

Director, Circular Apparel Innovation Factory

Tanushri Shukla (Moderator)

Manager, Circular Apparel Innovation Factory

Diana Amini
Diana Amini

Global Manager, H&M Foundation

Payal Jain
Payal Jain

Head of Sustainability - Global Production, H&M Group

ziaur rahman
Ziaur Rahman

Regional Country Manager, H&M

Shwapna Bhowmick

Country Manager, Marks and Spencer

Humaira Aziz

Director of Women and Girls Empowerment Programme, CARE Bangladesh

tasmiah rahman
Tasmiah Rahman (Moderator)

Head of Programme, Skills Development, BRAC

Shawn De Silva

Head of Technology, Marks and Spencer

sarah krasley
Sarah Krasley

Founder and CEO, SHIMMY

Nazma Akter
Nazma Akter

Founder, CARE Bangladesh

Saif Rashid
Saif Rashid

Founder and Managing Director, Apon Wellbeing

ann runnel
Ann Runnel

Founder, Reverse Resources

Sophie Nordstrom
Sofie Nordström

Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, Quizrr

Saif Rashid

Founder and Managing Director, Apon Wellbeing

rameez hoque
Rameez Hoque

Cofounder , Kinship AI

sabina yeasmin
Sabina Yeasmin

Garment worker (on study leave) Bachelor's student, Asian University of Women

Rameez Hoque

Cofounder , Kinship AI